September 20, 2023

What is Online BBA? – Courses, Fees, Career in 2023

An appropriate bachelor’s degree selection inlays the path for a successful career post the academic phase. Instead of gradual progression, it’s an era of consistently evolving industry landscape. An online BBA degree is one of those courses that prepares students to meet the requirements of a hypercompetitive marketplace.

An online BBA degree is a blend of the meticulousness of a BBA course and digital convenience, making it a more sensible and efficient choice. It has contributed to the popularity and high preference of pursuing a BBA through an online channel. In this blog, various aspects of an online BBA course, like syllabus, fees, and career prospects, will be depicted with meticulous precision.

Understanding the Significance of Online BBA Courses

  • An online BBA is a professional course with a duration of three years. An online BBA degree provides the flexibility and convenience of completing the BBA program entirely online.
  • People willing to develop a career in management choose this academic program to gain the required knowledge and develop the required insight.
  • This program gradually develops the intellectual framework of students and establishes a concrete foundation through advanced theories and practical skills required to manage a business.
  • Apart from the flexibility and convenience an online BBA offers, it is a cost-efficient professional degree that inlays a path for white-collar jobs. It is a valued credential that is recognized globally, and a person with an online BBA degree can also apply for government jobs.
  • With an online BBA degree, students receive quality education and access to the same resources as regular students, making it a much better choice for students who can not attend regular classes.
  • Students with an online BBA degree do not need to go for an online MBA only. If they have passed the required examination or entrance test, they can enroll in regular MBA classes and have their application approved without additional trouble.
  • However, they can choose an online MBA program, depending on their requirements and inclination.

Courses and Their Curriculum

Following are the different online BBA courses and their curriculum:-

BBA Human Resource Management

  • Human resource management is a vital aspect of an esteemed organization. HR principles and practices, Business laws and ethics, Organizational Behavior, Strategic HR management, etc. are some of the common subjects of this online BBA program.
  • An individual accredited with BBA HR credentials gets to work as an HR executive, HR generalist, recruiter, or equivalent positions, depending on the organization.

BBA in Finance

  • In the first year of BBA finance subjects like Introduction to Accounting, Principles of Economics, Business Statistics, Business Law, Introduction to Business Management, and Introduction to Finance build the required foundation for a student.
  • The second year of the online BBA comprises advanced subjects like Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Financial Management, Risk Management, and for the third year, subjects Mergers and Acquisitions, International Finance, Financial Markets, Financial Modeling, Financial Planning and Analysis, Ethics in Business, etc., are part of the curriculum.
  • The names of the subjects may vary, depending on the university. The main intent is to enable students to handle the finances of an enterprise.

BBA in Marketing

  • Marketing, being one of the most crucial aspects of a company, requires candidates with dynamic personalities and skills to make an efficient presentation, enabling enterprises to implement their growth plans.
  • Subjects of online BBA courses like Marketing Analytics, Marketing Ethics, Marketing Research, Marketing Management, etc., prepare students with an intellectual framework to perform such a heavy-duty task.

BBA Entrepreneurship

Students who wish to learn how to manage their business tend to go for BBA entrepreneurship. Subjects like Business Planning, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Finance for Entrepreneurs, Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Management, Venture Capital, etc., prepare students with the mindset to manage and regulate their businesses.

Online BBA Courses Fees at Different Universities

Here are the different universities and their fees for an online BBA program:-

  • Amity University: This private university has been in existence since 2005. It charges a net total of INR 1,50,000/- for three three-year online BBA programs.
  • Manipal University: A student must pay INR 1,26,000 to complete an online BBA at this university.
  • Chandigarh University: For three year’s online BBA program, a student needs to pay a total of INR 1,56,000/-.
  • Jain University: To complete the BBA degree from this university, a student pays an amount of INR 1, 76,500.
  • Mizoram University: A student can complete the three-year BBA course from Mizoram University at a cost-friendly fee of INR 51,000/- for three years.
  • Manav Rachna: The total fee for the three-year online BBA program from this university is INR 1,44,000/-
  • Uttaranchal University: This university asks its students to pay a net payable of INR 72,000 for three years of the course.
  • KL University: At this reputed university, the total payable for an online three-year BBA course is INR 67,500/-.
  • Jamia Hamdard: This prestigious university provides its students the facility to pursue an online BBA course at a reasonable fee of INR 84,500/-.
  • Vignan University: The total fee for a year’s course at this university is INR 1,34,500/-.

Online BBA Degree: Career Prospects

Following are the career prospects post the online BBA degree:-

  • Marketing Professional: A marketing professional takes the required measures to promote the business and carries out comprehensive research that enables an enterprise to successfully implement a viable growth plan. Being one of the most responsible posts in an organization, a marketing professional receives a handsome salary.
  • Operational Manager: The main duty of an operational manager is to take inventive measures to re-purpose the operational paradigm of an organization.
  • Financial Analyst: A financial analyst carries out the required research and analysis to enable an esteemed organization to manage its finances and make informed decisions.

Concluding Remarks!

An online BBA course offers more flexibility and convenience to students and allows them to have a promising career after their successful completion of the degree. A student can pursue a BBA in multiple trades like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, etc., depending on the aptitude or inclination of the person. Multiple universities offer the facility to complete the online BBA degree at a reasonable fee. If you seek assistance in finding an appropriate university for your online BBA degree, C-DEC is the best choice for you.