September 4, 2023

MBA Salary In India: Know Specialization-Wise Salary Breakup

MBA is one of the best-known courses to earn good money, and you are done with your college education. Getting a good job with a handsome salary is everyone’s dream. Almost every student has a plan to get a job after they are done with their MBA. They start applying for jobs according to their specialization, most probably during their last semester exam.

The question here is: What will be the starting package they will get if they get hired through the college or whatever their preference is? MBA salaries are significant and based on several factors and the specialization you have done, such as the business you are choosing to shake hands with or the college you have attended, because many companies check your college, school, and other official backgrounds.

Most importantly, your specialization matters the most when it comes to the salary decision if you get selected in the interviews. This blog is all about the specialization-wise salary breakup after MBA courses. Have a look!

MBA in Finance Specialization

  • In the world of MBAs, if students have a specialization in finance, they earn more money than other MBAs.
  • If the schooling and university background are too strong to consider along with your considerable marksheet, then you will probably be the first choice of the companies. The starting packages for this background are 8 to 12 Lakhs per annum.
  • Later, after a few years, you can switch companies with experience and earn 14 to 30 Lakhs per annum or more.

MBA in Marketing Specialization

  • Marketing professionals also earn a handsome annual salary. They are considered among the most salient parts of any company’s ability to expand its businesses and help them reach new heights.
  • They earn almost equal to the finance people, around 7 to 11 Lakhs per annum, and once they get experienced, they tend to achieve the package with a higher salary.
  • If they have a good background and have started their career with a good company, they can earn more than expected, as their skills are the most important thing in any business.

MBA in Human Resources Specialist (HR)

  • HRs are the third most efficient part of any company; whatever the business size, they are the backbone of any company.
  • They are the ones to handle all the departments and provide employers for the companies.
  • At the very start of their careers, HR professionals earn about 6 to 10 lakhs per annum. Still, as their experience gets better, they start earning more in the middle of their careers, and later, their salary keeps increasing with every passing year.

MBA in Business Analytics

  • Candidates who specialize in this field are the people who help to analyze the business track, how business is going, and what is the update—is it going as per plan or not? So, they are the important bones of any organization
  • They are the ones who help accurately develop the business.
  • They earn a handsome amount of salary in their starting career, about 5 to 9 lakhs per annum, and later, with increased experience, their salary also gets a kick.

MBA in IT Specialization

  • The IT department is also equally important in business companies, as they have their own specific role that is considered in the expansion and building of a good business.
  • They earn a lot during the start of their careers, about 5 to 8 lakhs per annum, which apparently gets enhanced once they have good experience.

MBA in Event Management

  • This is another field of the MBA where candidates earn a good amount of money if they have the skills, understanding, and expenditure to manage an event that happens in any organization.
  • If event managers have a good background from their schooling, university, and the city they belong to, they will have good knowledge about updated event trends and vogue, and they will surely earn well in their careers from the very start, earning around 5 to 7 lakhs per annum, which will be exceeded with the enhancement of their experience.

MBA in Consultancy Specialization

  • Consultants play a vital role in any organization; they have a deep knowledge of organizational dynamics and strategy implementation.
  • Their job role is to help individual businesses build strong businesses and guide them in developing a long-term plan to maximize efficiency and their impact in the market.
  • They earn a handsome package from the very start of their career; they are good planners and don’t settle for less; hence, their starting salary is expected to be around 5 to 9 lakhs per annum, which is increased later with their enhanced experience.

MBA in Entrepreneurship/ Startups

  • Students who dream of becoming entrepreneurs generally choose to complete their MBA specialization in this field and start their own businesses as startups. Generally, they don’t rely on jobs because they focus more on building their business and expanding their startup plans.
  • Still, if they do go for a job, they keep it very clear that they will work for their business with the traditional income, and hence they tend to earn about 5 to 10 lakhs per year, which is a good start for them.
  • Later, if they continue with these jobs, their salary increases as they are their own business planners since they also have a good understanding and better planning skills, which can help other entrepreneurs grow on a high level.

Concluding Remarks!

All in all, an MBA course is a good source of income; whatever the field you are specializing in, you just need to have good skills with good schooling and a university background, because these factors matter the most whenever you present your CV in front of any company; they should find you essential and effective to hire in one go. MBA salaries depend on your chosen specialization, but most of the packages are considered good. In India, MBA was not famous because universities were not providing enough facilities and jobs to their candidates. Still, several universities are available in PAN India that provide some of the best MBA courses for Indian students. India is heading towards entrepreneurship, which is also a sign of a new and technical India. For more references about the MBA courses and their salary packages, visit our website.