October 6, 2023

Top 10 Reasons to Do Graduation or Post Graduation from Manipal Online

Manipal Online University is a private university that was launched back in 2011. They provide online education. It is flexible, accessible, and at a very low price for students of all backgrounds and groups. They are known to be recognized by the top Indian associations such as the UGC (University Grant Commission), NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), ACU (The Association of Common Wealth Services), AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), and some other approvals from the education authorities of India.

The world is running very fast, and so is the education system. Nowadays, students are looking for an education that provides them the flexibility to be able to work in their part-time business or job along with their studies. However, these online education degree programs are flexible yet affordable for every student who is financially weak or cannot appear physically in college for the traditional classroom degree programs.

Though there are several universities all over the world that are providing distance education and online degree programs to students, Manipal Online is one of them, and they have their own unique features for their students. These are the top 10 reasons why students often choose Manipal Online for their distance education.

Flexibility and Accessibility

  • The first and top reason to choose Manipal Online to pursue your degree is that these online courses are flexible and easily accessible at your fingertips.
  • Students can revise their classes after the live classes through the recorded lectures.
  • Students who are involved in any business or job have the flexibility to complete their classes after their working hours.
  • Students get flexibility to maintain their lifestyle while studying online according to their feasibility.

Globally Recognized

Manipal Online degree programs are known to be recognized globally, as the university is UGC DEB-approved and students from any corner of the world could pursue their graduation and post-graduation degrees, and they will be recognized equally in all national and international organizations.


  • Enrollment in the Manipal Online courses comes with cost-effective features. Students who live far away from the university and need to get shifted around for the traditional classes now need not sacrifice for their studies.
  • Students get their missed classes recorded after the class, and they can continue their missed classes to avoid the hassle in between their courses.
  • Students need not pay for other official activities that are organized in universities during the traditional physical classes.
  • Moreover, you can continue your studies along with your job and earn money while you learn; this way, the money you are spending on your online classes will get back to you.

Wide range of courses and specializations

  • Manipal Online has a diverse range of courses and specializations in both graduation and post-graduation for students of any stream and background.
  • We offer online programs for undergraduate students, such as BBA, B.COM, and BCA. These three courses are known to be the most popular courses after 12th grade.
  • Postgraduate programs are MBA, MCA, M.COM, and MAJMC.
  • The interesting fact is that Manipal Online is providing MAJMC courses through online programs. Generally, this course is not available in the online program as it requires a lot of field work and other activities during the assignments, but Manipal Online allows students to pursue the course online; moreover, they also provide all the practical and field knowledge during the course required to be eligible for a job after completion of the course.
  • Manipal Online MBA comes with a lot of specialization courses for the students, such as Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Retail Management, BFSI, IT & FinTech, Operations Management, International Business, Information System Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Total Quality Management.
  • Students can choose their preferred course and pursue it according to their desired goals and objectives.
  • Students get efficient opportunities for the best knowledge and skills.

Job Opportunities and Enhanced Career Growth

  • The courses available at Manipal Online enhance your career growth and open a lot of job opportunities for students in the top hiring companies and business industries.
  • Either students do BBA or MBA courses, they have a lot of professional experience, which will eventually extend the quality of their life and their experience so that they can achieve a higher position in their jobs in the coming future.
  • Students of BCA and MCA enable jobs in computer and management fields.
  • ​MAJMC is a top course for students who want to be active in the media and entertainment related fields.

Career Switch and Growth

  • Students pursuing MBAs could switch their careers to enhance their growth and build up according to them.
  • MBA online course is the best way to switch your career path, you can pick up any specialization in the MBA background.
  • They can pursue any other full-time course along with their online course and be professionally confident enough to apply for jobs in the national and international business industries.
  • Career growth in the right direction is mandatory to achieve the goals. Manipal Online makes it easier for students to understand their weaknesses and strengths, due to which they can know better where and how they should work to achieve their desired jobs.

Learn management and leadership skills

  • Enrolling in the Manipal Online course teaches students how to manage their time and work accordingly.
  • Students pursuing online education know the importance of time, are disciplined, and have strengths and weaknesses according to which they can plan their schedule and complete their course on time.
  • Students get interaction classes with some of the best professionals and scholars, and they are guided to be leaders in their respective fields.
  • Ethics and professional behavior are taught in these courses to prepare students for their professional careers.

Global Networking and Alumni

  • Manipal Online courses allow students to share their views and aspects regardless of their geographical location.
  • Students can share their information with other students who are far away or maybe in other countries.
  • Students get the chance to create their own network around the world easily and successfully.

​Practical Benefits

  • Students pursuing Manipal online courses gain theoretical and practical knowledge simultaneously.
  • Students are taught a lot of practical knowledge so that they can be practically ready for their professional career.
  • Both hard and soft skills are used during the online courses; hence, students learn to manage them in a better way.
  • Many jobs require more than just technical skills in the workplace; therefore, the lessons you will learn during the courses will help you maintain the balance between your hard and soft skills.

Earning Potential

  • After completing these online programs, students open up a lot of job opportunities with handsome salary packages
  • Manipal online courses help students increase their earning potential; they can apply for jobs in their field where their salary will increase once they are experienced.
  • Pursuing these courses will be a passport to your job opportunities.
  • The salary of the industry you choose to work in depends on its reputation and recognition. However, it is sure that you will get a job after these online courses.
  • Along with the national corporate sectors, IT sectors, and other industries, students can apply for job opportunities in lucrative international companies.

Concluding Remarks!

For students who want to continue their higher education without attending traditional classroom classes, these online courses are the best option for them. You just need to opt out of one course, and you can complete it at your convenience. Manipal Online is the university that provides quality education to distance learners all over the globe and allows them to open doors for the best opportunities. For more such blogs, visit the official website of CDEC.

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Students will have great salary packages for their job opportunities after completing their courses according to their specialization field.

Manipal Online provides quality online education for students.