August 27, 2023

UGC-DEB Approved Colleges for the Best Online MBA Courses

Candidates who are working professionals have various wonderful choices for pursuing MBA, like UGC Approved Online MBA Colleges in India 2023. While there may be a wide range of online MBA universities to choose from, it is crucial to choose wisely because this is a significant step in both your academic and professional development. Making a hasty or ignorant choice could result in you receiving a worthless or invalid degree. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate the online university’s authenticity and accreditation while choosing an online or open university or college to make sure it is a reputable institution.

What is UGC?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) was established on December 28, 1953, and by an Act of Parliament in 1956, it was made a statutory organization of the Government of India. The purpose­ of this organization is to ensure consistency, establish guidelines, and uphold standards for teaching, e­xams, and research in higher e­ducation. UGC is now regarded as a crucial foundation of higher education.

The duties of the UGC include:

  • Organizing and promoting higher education.
  • Establishing and upholding university standards for instruction, testing, and research
  • Establishing basic educational standards for regulations.
  • Keeping track of advancements in collegiate and university education.
  • Giving money to colleges and universities.
  • Acting as a crucial link between institutes of higher learning and the Union and State Governments.
  • Recommending to the federal and state governments the steps that should be taken to enhance university education.

The UGC is dedicated to preserving the academic independence and institutional autonomy of the institutions while awarding funds and encouraging excellence in higher education. Institutions are also supposed to be accountable to the public and to act responsibly.

What is DEB?

The Distance Education Bureau (DEB) is an organization or regulatory body typically associated with the education sector in India. The organization ope­rates under the primary gove­rning body for higher education in the country, known as the­ University Grants Commission (UGC).

The Distance­ Education Bureau plays a crucial role in ensuring the­ quality and standards of distance education programs offere­d by universities and institutions in India. Distance e­ducation involves delivering e­ducational programs and courses remotely, enabling students to learn without being physically pre­sent in a traditional classroom setting. This mode of education often involves online learning, correspondence courses, and other forms of remote instruction.

Why is UGC-DEB Certification Necessary?

Numerous fake colleges trap students into enrolling on online courses and force them to pay high tuition fees. On the other hand, UGC-approved universities are credible and students can enroll in these universities that have experienced faculty and maintain an up-to-date course curriculum. Mentioned below are some universities that have been certified by the UGC.

10 Best Online MBA Degree Colleges In India Approved by UGC-DEB :-

In the rapidly expanding corporate world of today, an online MBA degree is highly sought after and can greatly advance your career. Candidates can build a foundation in fundamental business management, accounting, finance, and marketing with the aid of an MBA. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the top online MBA college in India that would enable you to succeed in your career.

But don’t worry, if you’re looking for the best UGC-approved online university in India to get your online MBA, here is your ideal guide, as we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 UGC-DEB approved universities that provide the degree online.

Manipal University

Manipal University, e­stablished in 1953, has grown over the ye­ars to provide a wide range of programs in various fie­lds. These include manage­ment, business manageme­nt, as well as technical and professional discipline­s. With its initiative, Online Manipal, Manipal University, Jaipur (MUJ) now provides students with access to online education. Manipal is a well-known and accredited MBA online institution in India that offers students carefully crafted courses that have been given the seal of approval by organizations like UGC-DEB, NAAC (A+), AICTE, NIRF (Ranked 7), AIU, ICES, and others.

If you wish to study a degree in online MBA, it is a dependable alternative because the program is carefully structured to meet the demands of online students while also ensuring that they receive the same quality of training as students completing normal offline courses. A two-year full-time postgraduate study with eight specializations is the best online MBA program provided by Online Manipal. It costs INR 1,66,000.

Amity University

Amity University is a well-known name in academic circles, particularly for higher education, and its Amity Online University is the educational group’s expansion to bring top-quality education to students’ doors over the internet. This Indian online MBA college has received approval from a number of organizations, including UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC (A+), WES, AIU, ACU, and QS World Rankings, to name a few.

This makes the online degree you received from us trustworthy and genuine. It provides a carefully crafted MBA degree with specialisations in 12 business administration-related fields to provide graduates a competitive edge in the job market. The total fee for the course is INR 1,75,000.

Lovely Professional University

LPU Online in Jalandhar, Punjab, is another excellent choice for obtaining your ideal MBA degree online. LPU is widely re­cognized as a reputable highe­r education institution, earning the re­spect of both academic and professional communitie­s. Thus, a student looking into online MBA programs may want to think about applying to LPU, which offers students superior instruction on par with their offline courses.

It provides courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has received accreditation and recognition from major organizations like UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF (ranked among the top 100 universities), AICTE, and World University Rankings. The top MBA program is available to students online as a two-year full-time degree program with eight specializations. The total course fee is INR 1,56,000.

Mizoram University

Mizoram’s capital city of Aizawl houses the Mizoram University (MZU). MZU is a UGC-DEB accredited institution of higher learning and is ranked 78th out of the best universities in India by the NIRF. The NAAC has granted the university accreditation with a grade of A.

The institution provides online certification courses, undergraduate and graduate degrees, executive diplomas, executive programs, and more. The total course fee for an online MBA is INR 48,000.

GLA University

GLA University was founded in 1991 with the goal of offering the public high-quality education. The AICTE, BCI, UGC, and other crucial organizations have all given their permission to GLA Online University. The university provides diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs online.

GLA University is a famous institution of higher learning based in North India. GLA Online is also approved by the Uttar Pradeshi government. GLA University is the 12th Private University that has been granted 12B Status in India. The total course fee is INR 68,000.

Uttaranchal University

Under sections 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 as well as by other statutory organizations of the State and the Country, the Uttaranchal University has received recognition from UGC. NAAC has awarded the University with “A+” Grade in recognition of its accreditation. Uttaranchal University is at present positioned amongst the top 5% of HEIs in the country. The university gives students access to a variety of flexible academic opportunities and a global viewpoint. The total cost of the course is INR 1,44,000.


IGNOU is a government open university that was established with the intention of giving students from all around the country the chance to pursue higher education via correspondence. It began as an open/distance university but has since improved to offer students full-time online courses.

Since it is not only accredited but also a government-run institution, one may be absolutely certain of the legitimacy and validity of their degree because it has numerous accreditations and recognitions, including UGC, UGC-DEB, NCTE, AICTE, INC, NAAC (A++), etc. IGNOU provides a two-year postgraduate level online MBA program. The total fee for the course is INR 1,20,000.

Integral University

Integral University is a reputable university situated in Lucknow and was founded in 2004. This university has also been granted approval by the University Grants Commission in accordance with the Sections 2(f) and 12B of the UGC Act of 1956. The university is a member of AIU and holds NAAC accreditation for offering open and distance learning education. The university upholds values of diversity, inclusivity, intellectual honesty and value-based education.

Jain University

Jain University is a reputed university founded in 1990 and situated in Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley. AICTE and UGC both acknowledge this university. There is a total of 1 electives available for online MBA students. Finance, marketing, business intelligence and analytics, human resources management, retail banking operations, systems and operations management, information technology management, international finance, logistics and supply chain management, project management, general management, healthcare management, and other topics are just a few of the electives available. The total fee for the online MBA is INR 1,58,000 for 2 years.

Manav Rachna University

An additional university that offers opportunities for an online or distance MBA is Manav Rachna University in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. By offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs to you online or through distance learning, the renowned Manav Rachna University has launched the Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE).

The MBA online institution has received numerous honors and recognitions from a variety of other reputable awarding organisations in addition to being accredited by the UGC-DEB, NAAC, QS, and AICTE. This university offers a two-year postgraduate MBA program with nine specialization options and dual specialization options. The fee for online MBA is INR 36,000 per semester.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are several excellent and reliable options for UGC-approved online MBA programs in India. Therefore, you should consider the university’s reputation and ranking before making your decision.

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