Online B.Com Degree: Significance, Admission, Top Colleges & Fee

A person can have a successful career path if makes an appropriate selection for the graduation degree. Students often face indecision while making this selection due to the availability of multiple options in different streams. However, they can resolve this pressing issue by conducting appropriate research to be aware of the curriculum of a course and prospects post the completion of the course. is one of the courses that may provide an aspired level of cognitive abilities and promising career prospects after its successful completion. An online program provides an in-depth acquaintance with subjects like finance, business administration, accounting, taxation, etc. With the same, a student evolves cognitive abilities and prepares for the job or to handle the business as an entrepreneur.

Students who wish to obtain an online B.Com degree should pass their 10+2 and have a minimum of 50% marks to enroll. However, the marks criteria may vary depending on the university norms, and some universities may ask for a higher percentage or accept students with a lower percentage in their 10+2.

Unlike several other degrees, an online B.Com course does not go futile and offers students promising career options post-completion. Students may also embark on the path of higher education and may choose to pursue an M.Com or MBA post receiving their online B.Com degree.

Online B.Com Degree
B.Com Online Admission Process

B.Com Online Admission Process

We offer several prestigious universities for B.Com online course. A student needs to submit the required documents such as 10+2 certificates, Adhaar Card copy, passport-size photographs, etc. The requirement for these documents is imperative, and some other universities may ask for more documents to have a robust verification before B.Com online admission.

We offer an easy-to-operate panel that guides students with the required steps to complete their B.Com online course. Many of the universities listed on our website offer scholarships to students based on different parameters. With a diverse option available for a course online, you receive the aspired flexibility. There are higher chances of receiving admission to an aspired college by enabling us to provide you with the required guidance. If you are seeking B.Com online course, you can connect with us to have an unparalleled experience.

B.Com Online Course

B Com Online Course in India 2024

Online is a Bachelor’s degree programme after 10+2. Online program covers the concept of finance and commerce, with a complete understanding of business, administration, accounting, taxation.

Online is a great platform for those who started working after completing their school, who can’t afford regular college fees, having less percentage in 10+2 but wants a professional degree to start or boost their career in the rapidly growing finance sector.

Major Benefits of Online B.Com Course in India 2024

B.Com Online Course

An online program covers all the topics and lectures of a B.Com degree through an online channel and provides ease and convenience to students who can not attend regular classes. Through the digital classroom, students learn distinct concepts and assimilate them thoroughly. Most of the institutions listed in our panel are prestigious and offer an interactive digital learning experience that delivers holistic development to the students.

A student needs to invest three years to complete their online education. An online course provides study materials apart from the lectures students receive from online channels. Students can develop their grasp over distinct subjects by making the required revisions or self-study after or before lectures by referring to those top-notch study materials.

An online B.Com program provides multiple trades to students. They may choose one or more than one trade to complete this three-year degree program as per their inclination and aptitude towards a trade. Some of the most common trades include:-

Some of the universities offer the flexibility of specialization post-third or fourth semester. Students can choose from either specialization available for online B.Com course or may go for a general degree in B.Com.

Either way, students receive the best quality education which they aspire to from the institutions listed in our panel. We do not list institutions with bad reputations to ensure there is no compromise made regarding the career of students who choose us for the required guidance. Consecutively, students get to institutions that deliver the best quality education and have a streamlined digital infrastructure.

How Pursuing B.Com Online a Better Alternative?

The following are the benefits that make B.Com Online learning a better alternative:-

Students receive the aspired level of flexibility while they pursue B.Com online. The same enables them to fulfill their other responsibilities while completing their graduation. Students who can not attend college due to unfavorable circumstances may choose this method of learning. A person who was not able to complete the graduation and wishes to have promotions in the company may choose this way of learning and receive the desired level of flexibility. Other than the same level of lectures and education as regular classes it offers, the perks make it a superior and more sensible choice for a person.

There is no age factor specified by universities for B.Com online learning. If you were not able to complete your education due to any reason and it’s blocking your professional career path, you may choose the B.Com online learning, irrespective of your age. After the successful completion of the degree, you will have all the opportunities as other candidates and will receive the appraisal or promotion you deserve.

You can learn and assimilate the concepts of different subjects at the pace that suits you. You just need to make the required time management to learn with digital channels. Unlike regular classes, you are the one who decides how to complete your academics. The level of convenience provided in online program enables you to emphasize on other necessary aspects or obligations while completing your degree.

You do not need to be at a dignified location to attend the classes or lectures. You may be at home or travel or any place of your preference or requirement and can attend the lectures and learn while being more productive and comfortable. The convenience that B.Com online learning offers also protects you from unnecessary hustles that students usually face while going to college. The same makes B.Com online a far better alternative. However, choosing the course online is absolutely subjective.

The low course fee of online program makes it more affordable for students to do a job while pursuing it and allows them to complete their education with their money. With the same, students save the overhead costs they usually need to pay for regular degree classes.

Students may ask questions to their teacher through online channels without being troubled. An online lecture minimizes the burden of students from the unnecessary norms of classrooms and enables them to understand the concepts of the content. It makes the online learning more prolific, and students do not just pass the exams they learn the subjects critically. With the same, they can easily reshape their career and increase their chances of getting hired by the top companies.

What Are Career Prospects Post B.Com Online Course?

Following are the options after completing the B.Com online course:-

How C-DEC Helps You With Your Search for Online B.Com Course?

We believe in excellence and with determination to provide the required assistance, we have helped thousands of students. We have been in this line of business since 1997 and have gained the insight to provide the required advice to the students that enables them to repurpose their careers.

The online course students learn by going through our panel enables them to learn critically and become the desired employees for employers and recruiters. Every unive­rsity featured on our list offers an online­ B.Com course. These programs consist of e­nriching lessons, curated to expand our stude­nts’ cognitive skills.

Our expe­rt advisors offer a complete re­view of different unive­rsities, touching on all aspects. They guide­ students in choosing the university that be­st matches their caree­r goals. To accomplish the same, they employ a guided approach regarding academic curriculum, career prospects, history of the institution, syllabus, quality of faculty, and several other relevant factors that affect you directly or indirectly while pursuing your online program. They also make sure students do not lag in making reasonable choices due to lack of information or any information regarding a specific matter that is nebulous or students having no misconceptions regarding the course or the prospects post the completion of the course.

Without having any inclination or partiality towards any institution or university, we provide our students with the guidance and flexibility to choose any trade or university that fulfills their career objectives. The same makes our website the most sensible option for our students.

Soar to New Educational Peaks at These Highly Respected Online BCOM Colleges:

Amity University
Amity University Amity University is a private University Established in the year 2005 under the Uttar Pradesh Act 2005 (Act 11 of 2005). The University is recognized by the UGC, AIU, WES and accredited NAAC A+ grade for offering online degree programs.

  • Semester Fees: 15,000 (each semester) (14,000 for Sem 6)
  • Total Course Fee: 89,000/- (all-inclusive)

  • International Finance & Accounting

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 or equivalent in any discipline with 40% marks from a recognized board/institution.
  • Candidate must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English Language.

Up to 15% or other as offered by the University
Manipal University
Manipal University Manipal University Jaipur, (MUJ) is a state private university launched in the year 2011. MUJ has an A+ NAAC ranking with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.28. Manipal University Jaipur offers career-oriented courses at Undergraduate & Postgraduate Levels including management, commerce, computer applications, and journalism as well.

  • Semester Fees: 16,500 (each semester)
  • Total Course Fee: 99,000/- (all-inclusive)

  • General

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 or equivalent in any discipline with 45% marks from a recognized board/institution.

Up to 20% for Merit, Divyaang & Defense Personnel
GLA University
GLA University GLA University was established GLA University was established in 1991 with a vision to provide quality education to the people. GLA Online University has received all the major approvals from bodies like UGC, AICTE, NAAC etc. GLA University is a renowned institute of higher education in North India for offering UG, PG and diploma courses through online mode.

  • Fees: 15,000 per Year (3 Years)
  • Total Course Fee: 47,000/- (Inclusive of 1000/- Registration & 1000/- Alumni fee one-time)

  • Auditing
  • Stock Market Operations
  • Laws
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Business Analytics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • International Business

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidate should have completed their 10+2 level Education in any Discipline from a recognized board

No scholarship offered
Jain University
Jain University Jain University is a Deemed to be university established in the year 1990 in Bengaluru. This online University in India is accredited and has been recognized by UGC-DEB, AICTE, AIU, NAAC A++, WES & much more.

  • Semester Fees: 20,000/- (* fee may vary)
  • Total Course Fee: 1,20,000/-
  • One time university registration fee during Admission: 2,500/- & Examination Fee per year: 3,000/- additional

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Corporate Accounting
  • International Finance and Accounting (Accredited by ACCA, UK)

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Student must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examinations from State Board / CBSE / NIOS / IGCSE / IB / ICSE recognized by the State or Central Government.
  • Candidate must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English Language.

Up to 10% or other as offered by the University
Sikkim Manipal University
Sikkim Manipal University Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) was established in the year 1995 in Sikkim, Gangtok. SMU is a UGC approved university & now is accredited ‘A+’ by the NAAC. Previously University is known for its distance learning programs but now is eligible for offering Online degree programs.

  • Semester Fees: 12,500/-
  • Total Course Fee: 75,000/- (all-inclusive)

  • General

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidates must have completed 10+2 from a recognized national or state board institution or 10+3 diploma from a recognized national or state institute.

Up to 15% for defense personnel, differently abled people & to learners from Sikkim & North east regions
Lovely Professional University – Online
Lovely Professional University Lovely Professional University – Online is one of the most famous private universities situated in Jalandhar, Punjab. The NIRF 2022 has ranked LPU at 23rd position among the top Universities in India. The university has gained recognition from several accreditation councils like UGC, AIU, NCTE, AICTE.

  • Semester Fees: 24,000/-
  • Total Course Fee: 1,44,000/- (all-inclusive)

  • General

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidate must completed 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized board.
  • Candidate must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English Language.

Up to 40% discount with student grant scheme
IGNOU University
IGNOU IGNOU University is a government Open University situated in Delhi. This online MBA University in India is accredited and has been recognized by UGC, UGC-DEB, NCTE, AICTE, INC, NAAC (A++) etc.

  • Fees: 4,000/- per year
  • Total Course Fee: 12,000/- (exclusive of exam fee)

  • General

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Student must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized Board/Institution.

No scholarship offerings
Integral University
Integral University Integral University is a premier educational institution located in Lucknow. Integral University was established in the year 2004. The University is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is NAAC A+ accredited. IU is offering various degree programs in online mode.

  • Semester Fees: 6,000/-
  • Total Course Fee: 37,500/- (inclusive of one-time 500/- registration fee & 1000/- degree fee)

  • General

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 in any discipline.

No scholarship offerings
Mizoram University
Mizoram University Mizoram University (MZU) is a central university located in Aizawl, Mizoram. MZU is a UGC-DEB approved university & comes at 78th position among top Universities of India in NIRF Ranking. The university has been accredited with the A grade by the NAAC.

  • Fees: 15,000/- per year
  • Total Course Fee: 45,200/- (inclusive of 200/- registration fee)

  • E-Accounting
  • E-commerce

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Student must have Senior Secondary School Certificate (10+2), in any stream from recognized board.

No scholarship offerings
Jamia Hamdard
Jamia Hamdard Jamia Hamdard is a deemed to be university established in 1989 in New Delhi, India. It is a government-funded university. Jamia Hamdard is a UGC recognized university & accredited Grade ‘A’ by NAAC. It is ranked 37TH best university in India by NIRF.

  • Semester Fees: 9,000/-
  • Total Course Fee: 54,500/- (inclusive of 500/- Application Fee One Time)

  • General

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 in any discipline.

No scholarship offerings
Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is a public central university in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, which was originally established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the year 1875.The university comes at 10th position in NIRF Ranking & was ranked ‘A+’ by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

  • Semester Fees: 9500/-
  • Total Course Fee: 28,500/- (all-inclusive)

  • General

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • No. of semesters: 6

  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 in any discipline.

No scholarship offerings

Frequently Asked Queations

Online is a 3 year degree course especially designed for candidates who cannot join full time course but wants a professional degree to start or boost their career in the rapidly growing business & finance sector. The online/distance course also allows the students to learn at their own pace, thus reducing the pressure of competition.

There are several universities that offer online B.COM but student is required to choose a university that is UGC recognized & comes in top 100 NIRF ranking. Some top Online universities are:

Manipal University Jaipur
Amity University
SOL, Delhi University
Jamia Hamdard
GLA University

Student seeking admission in Online must have passed 10+2 examination from a recognized board or have completed 3 years diploma from a recognized state or national institute.

Some universities (not all) also required minimum 50% in 10+2 to get enrolled in online/distance

Some major benefits of joining Online are:

Student has the option of pursuing a job while continuing online
Fee structure of online B.Com degree is quite affordable as compared to regular B.Com.
Students who are into professional courses can join online degree course simultaneously
Student is free to learn anytime and anywhere as online courses contain pre-recorded lectures that aid the learner to learn at their own pace.

The mode of course delivery is fully online. Students will be provided a Learning Management Portal where all the teaching & learning happens. Students can attend live & recorded classes from there. E-content will be provided; learners will be given a chance to test their knowledge through assignments and quizzes.

The best job opportunities a student can grab after completing online Business Consultant Accountant Auditor Finance Analyst Tax consultant Accounts Manager Cost Accountant Management Accountant Investment Banker Educator.

An online degree holds just as much weight as a traditional degree. As per the UGC guideline, any degree obtained from an open or distance learning institution should be treated as equivalent to the traditional university/institutions in the country. So, yes an online course is equally valuable as on-campus course.

In Online, the mark sheets will be provided semester wise upon result declaration in digital form & upon the course completion the degree will be awarded to the student in digital as well physical form.

There are multiple universities listed on our website, and each is suitable for students. It depends on the priorities of students and their career objectives, which university they choose to get the B.Com online degree.

The online classes are conducted using the digital channels of respective universities and institutions. They provide the required clarity to students and enable them to ask for queries and questions through text pads available on those platforms, depending on the decorum of the classes.

Yes, you can apply for any government, semi-government, and private jobs using a B.Com degree provided by universities listed on our website. Having an online degree offers the same opportunities as any regular degree.

Yes, students receive placement assistance from universities, and most students successfully secure a job.

Students do not face issues in getting jobs or having advanced academic careers because they have completed their graduation through online channels.